“Behind every successful person is a substantial amount of coffee” – says every coffee addict ever
Faking News- The Espresso University of Coffee Lovers suggests that behind every great coffee is a perfect blend of brewed beans, milk and a perfect mug. Their study also goes on to show how different types of coffee mugs portray different moods of human beings. Statistics show that only 10 out of every 100 coffee drinkers bother about their mug which is also the main cause of lack of creativity among individuals. If the current situation persists we may soon run out of thinkers and lazy procrastinators in our society. Okay, okay.. jokes apart, but only a coffee lover can understand the level of relevance a perfect mug holds in his/her life. It indeed compliments your coffee. Here, have a look at these impressive coffee mugs that will simply make you fall in love with them 

Make your morning coffee even more enjoyable with these quirky mugs.

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