We are approaching the finish line. You’ve almost made it through 2019, and you can see Christmas and the New Year on the horizon. But, are you prepared for this season’s festivities?
Whether you are attending an event or throwing a party of your own, it’s always good to shop for gifts you can give to your closest friends and relatives to encourage them while they take the next step into the upcoming 2020.
We have the hottest Christmas gift ideas 2019 that you need to get through the holidays: from Christmas hampers and cocktails to inspirational messages.
Check out our holiday gifts for men and gifts for women. And of course, the best toys all kids must-have.
You can thank us later.
Christmas Gifts for Women
We might be sticking our necks out by saying this, but coming up with gift ideas for women isn’t as complicated as you may think.
If you are the type of man who likes to live on the edge, blindly ransacking the nearest supermarket for gifts with less than 36 hours before the big day then it can get a bit complicated but not otherwise.
Finding festive presents presents that she will actually like and won’t stuff in the back of her wardrobe? Well, you will need some expert advise on that.
Fortunately for you, we have done all of the hard work this holiday season, by rounding up the best Christmas gift ideas 2019 that you can give to the women in your life, no matter what their taste is, and how deep your pockets are; you’re welcome. Happy shopping!
Christmas Gifts for Men
Admittedly, finding the right gift for guys can be tough, since the type of gift you would get for your father is quite different from what you get for your husband, and also the gift you would get for your brother probably wouldn’t be a similar gift that you buy for your boyfriend of a few months.
There are a few basic rules for gift-giving you should keep in mind.
Firstly, for Christmas, we’d like to recommend a 3-tier system for those important men in your life: a lavish splurge as a big gift, a mid-range present that is something useful (tools, clothes, etc), and then there’s the personal, less expensive gift item that you know they are going to love.
In our ultimate Christmas gift guide, you will discover the coolest Christmas gift ideas 2019 for men, such as style essentials, new tech, luxury snack gifts, and hobbyist picks.
Whether they are the tech geek type, the fashion forward male, the outdoor man, or a beer-drinking, football-watching, snack-eating foodie, Hoppingo’s curated gift list provides you with awesome gift ideas for men.
Christmas Gifts for Kids
WARNING; we can’t guarantee that your child won’t freak out as soon as they unwrap this über cool stuff.
Before putting together our collection of Christmas gifts 2019 for your tiny recipients, we held a confab with very reliable judges — the kids themselves! — To gather the most buzzed about toys of 2019 in one place for you to choose from.
Consider your Christmas shopping for kids handled!
New Year Gifts
Welcome 2020 in Style!
The final months of the year 2019 are right around the corner; and for some the countdown towards the new horizon of the New Year 2020 has already begun.
New Year’s Eve always serves as Christmas –Lite for most people but with a lot more alcohol as well as the required ability to stay active beyond midnight.
While different cultures mark the New Year on different dates, the entire world will celebrate on December 31st, thereby ushering in a new year on January 1st.
This joyous occasion is always celebrated with maximum zeal and fervor across all communities and nations.
Fireworks, parties, dancing, clubbing, get-togethers, etc. are very common during the last days of the year. While making new resolutions, and goals, leaving behind any sad and bad memories and looking forward to a fresh start of everything good usually sets the tone for the New Year.
Moreover, we and our dear ones get to exchange adorable gifts among ourselves so we can cherish sweet memories and send warm wishes for a promising year ahead.
So, your plans to welcome 2020 in style with a worthy celebration should have already started by now.
However, New Year’s Eve does represent a clean slate, a fresh start; which is why shopping for ideal gifts for the New Year is never a straightforward task.
They also vary with individual preferences and age of the people for whom you’re making your selections, which can be quite cumbersome.
Coupled with the fact that you are most likely drained from all the Christmas shopping and don’t feel up to dealing with the holiday rush anymore.
Not to worry, Hoppingo has always got your back!
The Best Ideas for New Year Gifts
If you are searching for the ideal website to get get recommendations for New Year gift ideas for your loved ones, then you have come to the right place.
The Hoppingo online platform in Singapore is one-stop shop for finding the most remarkable New Year gift ideas. Every special person you know deserves something special that is just right for him/her.
It really doesn’t matter if you want gift items for your parents, husband, wife, kids, lover, friend, or relatives; you can get all the ideas at one place.
Traditionally, the best gift ideas for the new year include presenting gift hampers to your relatives, maybe some home decor such as Buddha or Ganesha idols for prosperity in the coming year for your parents, fashion accessories for your girlfriend or boyfriend, photo frames, chocolates, for your spouse, greeting cards for close friends, etc. But we get it, those are very cliché options.
Another traditional but an all time favorite option would be the special 2020 collection of diaries, photo albums, notebooks, quotes and so on.
Our treasure trove of curated New Year gifts, will put charming smiles on the faces of your relatives and friends.
By leaving no stone unturned, we can make this occasion even more meaningful for those around you. Thus, we are offering to you our vast selection of amazing gifts for the season.
The Christmas and New Year gifting tradition is also very rampant in today’s corporate world.
You can also get high end corporate gift ideas for  clients and employees alike.
The wide variety of selected gift items are not just captivating but they are unique as well; guaranteed to impress those you care deeply about. Thus, we proudly present an excellent range of beautiful and amazing gift ideas that are sure to make 2020 extra special.
Buy and Send Christmas and New Year Gift Ideas Online
When you finally make the decision to get what you need for a grand Christmas and the splendid welcome of 2020, then all you have to do is relax in your comfortable home or office settings and browse this season’s online gifts with us.
Explore this year’s mesmerizing collection and then shop for these seriously fabulous gifts available online.
The advantage of online shopping through Hoppingo is that you are able to get a great advisor for your Christmas and New Year gifting choices, thereby receiving surprised smiles on their faces, and adding a little more joy to their celebrations.
What are you still waiting for? Astound all your loved ones and associates this year, with these exciting gift selections and greetings and usher in the festive season with limitless joy and happiness.
We wish all of you happiness and prosperity in the New Year ahead!