We love to appreciate beauty around here; yet, with a wide range of makeup options to pick from, it can sometimes be overwhelming.
Options are great. We are grateful for them. But then, it gets to a point, when you’re like “for God’s sake, please just tell me what to do already.” And that’s precisely what Hoppingo Singapore is here for. We are here to help you decode the Beauty World Singapore and the Fashion & Lifestyle World Singapore.
Ever since the unveiling of the first edition of Her World Singapore Awards in 2001, they have succeeded massively in offering consumers the inside scoop on the best cosmetic formulas, technologies, and brands for each year.
Because we appreciate and love our readers so much, we are putting together our favouites from the award winners for Her World Beauty Awards 2019 at one place so you can easily pick your next buy.
Beauty World Singapore
Innovation is occurring at a fast pace; niches and brands are multiplying rapidly; the beauty industry in 2019 isn’t business usual any longer—which is arguably a good thing.
In 2018, champions of variety raised their voice, smashed set rules, and upped their game, signifying a significant change in how people see, and view, beauty today.
We have moved past the general idea that multi-step skincare routines are a frivolous time-consuming task, towards a new standard of beauty as a universal form of expression; our own unique way of highlighting what sets us apart, as well as a useful tool for maintaining the body and mind.
It is a lot to digest, and that’s why we at Hoppingo do what we do. It is exactly why our process doesn’t involve only one editor or influencer sampling a few lipstick products on the back of his/her hand.
It is why we have different teams following a whole bunch of influencers and fashion editors for many months, and panels of staff with varying skin tones testing all kinds of lipstick shades.
It is why we routinely call makeup experts for their feedback until they eventually contemplate getting new phone numbers. Pun intended.
Makeup That Has Truly Made Its Mark
To celebrate all the effort and progress—as well as help you find what is truly worth your valuable cash and time—Her World’s team of beauty experts narrowed down several thousands of new cosmetics released within the last twelve months to offer their esteemed readers the absolute best.
2018 was more about the most popular products while this year is more about what’s new and fresh. They have identified the best eyebrow pencil, the most hardworking eyelash serum, and the top all-in-one beauty product.
They have divided the cosmetic products worthy of the awards into categories so you can quickly get to the items you care about the most: Body, Hair, Eyes, Blushers and Highlighters, Anti-Ageing Moisturizers and Mask, Fragrance etc.
Each product on this list has earned a Red Seal; that guarantee that you’ve found an excellent — indeed, the best — option.
Drum rolls Please!
So, without further ado, the click to find the latest winners of Her World Singapore Awards 
Some of our absolute favourites