Gone are the days when sisters were happy with any paltry sum they received on Rakshabandhan from their brothers. Today, sisters expect unique gifts and brothers don’t mind showering their sisters with gifts on this occasion. Even brothers want to make this ‘once in a year’ occasion most special for their sisters. If you are scouting for that perfect gift for your sister, we’ve done our bit. 
This will truly make her happy and smile all the year round. 
If you are looking for gift ideas for brother on rakhi or thoughtful gifts for your brother, scroll towards the end and you will find plenty of options.
Unique rakhi gifts for your dear sister
1. As a brother, you are always concerned about your sisters safety. It’s about time you gift her products that will make her feel safe and give you some peace of mind too. Pepper spray and safety alarm are an ideal gift for any sister. Ofcourse you could buy her other things too. But add this pepper spray so that she knows that her safety is her priority.

2. If your sister is environment conscious, you can checkout some eco-friendly bottles. Affordable, natural, reusable and appealing these bottles are an ideal gift for your sister. 

3. Sisters are precious and unique and so is this gift. This unique combo of rose color wallet and pen will certainly be a memorable gift for your sister who is aspiring to achieve her dreams.

4. If your sister is a fond of creativity, then gift her something from Chumbak

Find more such products here

5. Wonderboom is an ultimate gift for your sister if she is a music lover. Trendy and worryproof, it is a perfect device cum a fashion accessory. It is also the perfect companion for showers, pools, beaches, muddy fields and rainy days. If it gets dirty, it can just be rinsed off. Wonderboom Freestyle is also drop-proof from up to five feet.

6. Rocking Glasses that feature a curved bottom allows it to rock without tipping over and is truly unique. This gift secretly says, “keep rocking sister”

7. This chic all purpose designer organizer is yet another option if you truly care and want her life to be super organized.

8. Khadi Natural Herbal Gift Set

9. Jewellery – While this may sound like a cliche option but this very exclusive piece is what fell in love with while trying to find something for your dear sister. It’s a great investment!

10. Echo Spot – If your sister loves gadgets, she will absolutely love this gift. With Echo Spot one can make audio & video calls, watch news bulletins, play music, watch videos, see calendar, to-do lists, and much more. All hands-free – just ask Alexa.

Do not forget to gift her the best sister trophy because she certainly deserves this for tolerating you all these year.

Rakhi Gifts For Sister Under Rs 500
Gifting can break the budget sometimes, especially in the rakhi season but there’s a way out in which you can gift your sister something thoughtful and not be disappointed yourself. Budget your offering. Here are some of the best and basic options for you!
11. A plant – There is nothing better you can gift your sister. An indoor plant will enhance the look of her room which she would love, obviously. It’ll provide her with fresh air and good vibes and to be honest, looking at greens, is a sight for the sore eyes. The best part, the spider plant is known to remove the toxins from the indoor air.  

12. Jewellery Set – If your sister is fond of jewellery but doesn’t like to wear heavy sets, this contemporary design is perfect for her. This gorgeous set includes earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace. It would match so nicely with her kurtas, saris, lehengas, and dresses. 
13. Soft Toy – So cute! Regardless of age, many girls enjoy having soft toys in their room. It’s the comforting vibe of it that your sister would love. It would remind her of her childhood and if she’s an infant, she would love it anyways. 
14. Coffee Mug – Do you touch her stuff just to irritate her all the time? Well, in that case, don’t stress your mind, just gift her this cute Minion coffee mug. She would love it and then, of course, stay away from her mug. 
15. Chocolates – Yeah, nothing melts a heart and changes the mood as the chocolate does. So if your sister is upset with you? You must get some of her favourite chocolates and your happy smile. All that sweetness will surely cover up the mess. Otherwise as well, chocolate makes for a good gift whenever you’re in doubt.
16. Socks – Warm, cosy and always there for you on cold days! That matches up the definition of both, a brother and socks. A pair of socks as a gift won’t break your bank but it will make your sister feel so warm, she’ll miss you even when you’re not around. Unlike chocolates, socks will stay with her for as long as she wants. It sounds like a great gift! 

Personalized Rakhi Gifts For Sister 
A touch of self can be very powerful. It doesn’t matter what your gift costs if it touches your sister’s heart and if it’s personal enough, it’s priceless. If you wish to create such timeless memories for your sister, here are a few gift suggestions form us!
17. Photo Cushion – Photo cushions have been in trend for years now and if she loves glittery products, then she would enjoy having this personalized cushion in her room. Just take a gorgeous picture of her and place your order. You’re done!
18. Photo Frame – They are classics and they never get old because they hold the memories of a lifetime. Gift her this beautiful clock cum photo frame with your pictures in it. She would love to have it in her room, especially, if you’re a sibling that stays at a distance from her. 

19. Personalized Teddy – Does she love hugs? How about gifting her the good old teddy bear with a loving message? It’s cute and comfy!
20. Moon Lamp – Take a beautiful picture of her or your entire family and get it etched on the moon lamp. We bet your sister would love to see that lamp lit every night. There’s no gift compared to the gift of memories and such personalized gifts just make those moments even more real and everlasting.  
Rakhi Gifts Based On Your Sister’s Personality
Every sister has a personality. Imagine the glow on her face when you’ll gift her something as per her behaviour. Here are some personality-based gift ideas your sister will find interesting! 
21. For The One Who Is Expressive – Emoji Pillow – Does she make funny faces? Does she love to express how she feels? Does she prefer emoticons over typing? Well, then without a doubt, she would love these emoji cushions. Get her favourite emojis for her! 
22. For The One Who Loves Drama – Drama Queen Coffee Mug – Yup, she likes the drama and you love her for that, so go ahead gift her this drama queen coffee mug. She would love it off on the breakfast table, she might even take it to her workplace, who knows! She’s a drama queen after all.
23. For The One With The Sweet Tooth – Donut Cushion – Food can bring comfort to any situation and donut cushion can add sweetness to any relation. If your sister loves desserts, she would be happy to become the owner of this comforting donut cushion!  
24. For The One Who Loves Travelling – Travel Kit – Be a thoughtful sibling and gift her this easy to carry, easy to pack, waterproof organizer bag for her traveling needs. This will make life so much easier for her and of course, she would love you for that.
25. For The One Who ALWAYS Does Her Nails – Manicure Kit – Making her life easy by gifting her travel-friendly manicure kit? You sound like an amazing brother! Plus this is such a unique gift that not everybody thinks about it, so we’re sure she’ll be surprised.Lastly, do not forget to gift her the best sister trophy because she certainly deserves this for tolerating you all these years.

Still not found what you are looking for? here are few more options:

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Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas for Brother

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